How long to stay in Iran

Iran is a country with more than 1.6 million square kilometers, which is the sixth largest country in Asia. The country has four seasons and each season has its own natural attractions. In addition, there are 26 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and hundreds of nationally registered monuments in Iran, and to visit each of these attractions, we need to spend hours going and seeing them.

According to the above, it is not possible to see all these attractions together in a trip to Iran. So what to do?

It has happened a lot that travelers who travel to Iran, on the last day of their trip to Iran, regret why they cannot stay a few more days and visit several other tourist attractions in here.
But do not worry, we are here to help you make the best decision to travel to Iran.
It takes a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 3 weeks to travel to Iran to visit only the most important tourist highlights (please note that 3 weeks is not enough to see all of Iran from north to south). But most tourists who travel to Iran, in two weeks, get a summary of everything they were looking for. So the length of time tourists need to spend in Iran depends on the purpose of their trip to Iran (cultural tours, nature tours, adventure, shopping, and etc.). Here in our website we tried to explain to you the most important tourist destinations that you should plan to visit before arriving Iran.

Most of the tourists who travel to Iran are kind of cultural tourists and their attention is mostly focused on the historical and cultural sites of Iran. In Iran, we designed a package called “classic road” which includes the cities and attractions that are most popular in cultural and historical tours.

We have divided the classic road into two categories, package number one for those who cannot spend much time in Iran. The package number 1 includes the cities of Tehran (capital of Iran), Shiraz (city of flowers and nightingales), Yazd (the most beautiful brick city of Iran), Isfahan (capital of Iranian art) and Kashan, which takes about 2 weeks to visit the most important highlights of Iran, including 8 UNESCO world Heritage Sites.

And package number 2 is one week longer than the previous package (totally 3 weeks), which in addition to the previous cities, the cities of Hamedan (the first capital of the Medes), Kermanshah (the largest inscription in the world) and Susa (the oldest civilization of Iran) have been added to this tour. This package includes 13 UNESCO world Heritage Sites.

Now it is up to you to decide which package you would like to choose.