Iran Debit Card

Due to US banking sanctions, no international credit cards or traveler’s checks can be used in Iran. For this reason, foreign tourists always face the problem of carrying large amounts of cash in Iran. In order to help its foreign travelers, with the help of local banks, PTG has provided Iranian Debit Cards which can solve many of the problems of tourists in carrying cash money.

PTG passengers can ask for the local Debit Card in desired amount before their arrival in Iran through our website and get their local Debit Card upon arrival when meet their guide.

By having local Debit Cards travelers can withdraw money from any Iranian ATM and/or pay their bills in restaurants and other shops.  


The validity of local Debit Cards is 365 days from the issuance date

Personal Information

Full Name

Date of Entry to Iran

Date of Birth

Amount of Money in           —-USD/— Euro

Place of Birth

Amount of Money in           —- IRR

Passport Number



Iran Debit Card Terms and Conditions

Buying local Debit Card is only available for those who buy PTG tour packages