Parsian Kermanshah


5- Star

Parsian Kermanshah

Laleh Biston five-star caravanserai hotel in the east of Kermanshah, on the old road from Kermanshah to Hamedan, on the slopes of Biston Mountain, in front of Farhad Tarash monument in the heart of the eighth world monument of Iran, Biston is located in a mountainous area in the form of four traditional porches. This hotel has 20 standard accommodation spaces with a capacity of 100 guests with traditional design and original Safavid Iranian architecture with a spectacular view of Mount Biston. By staying in this hotel, guests can enjoy the beauties of the semi-finished Sassanid palace, the old bridge, the Safavid caravanserai bridge, the Bistoon inscription, Khosrow bridge, the party temple, the statue of Hercules, the Bostan arch and the hunters’ cave.

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  • International coffee shop and restaurant
  • Wi-Fi
  • Parking

Distance to:

  • Kermanshah bus station 37.5Km
  • Bisotoun 0Km
  • Taq-e bostan 32Km
  • Kermanshah Bazaar 40Km