Grand Mosque of Yazd


The Yazd Grand Mosque is a porch mosque that was built in the heart of the desert for about 100 years and three periods.

The main foundations of the mosque were laid on a fire temple during the Sassanid period, but after Islam in the Patriarchal and Timurid era, it was completed as a mosque. The dome of the mosque belongs to the patriarchal period and the entrance to the mosque belongs to the time of Shahrokh and the Timurid period. This building is famous for its dome, high entrance, as well as beautiful and unique tiles.

The Great Mosque of Yazd is one of the historical masterpieces of Iran, in which relics from different eras can be found in every corner. This mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques of the Timurid period, which is one of the finest architectural masterpieces of the Hegira 9th century in terms of tiling, high porch and minarets. The height of the minarets is 52 meters. The earliest date mentioned for religious and Islamic activities in part of the present space of the Great Mosque of Yazd belongs to the second lunar half.