Alexander Prison


Iskander Prison in Yazd, like most of the historical attractions in Yazd, is located in the Fahadan district and with its very beautiful and extraordinary architecture and fine arts in different parts of it catch the eye of every spectator. As the name of the building suggests, its construction dates back to the time of Alexander the Great and you can see documents and signs from the year 631 AH.

This building was built by Zia-ud-Din Hussein Razi and was fully accessible by his sons after 74 years. Unlike the early years when the building was constructed and used to imprison the exiles of Alexander the Great, it eventually grew into a very important school, where eight centuries of famous people studied and taught.

This unique historical monument has a bewitching architecture. In the construction of this building only raw clay was used and there is not much news about decorative tiles.

One of the reasons that made Iskander Prison in Yazd very famous is the type of architecture and splendor that can be seen in its different parts.