Tehran Bazaar


Tehran Bazaar is a former bazaar located in the center of Tehran in the 12th district of Tehran. The Tehran Grand Bazaar is undoubtedly one of the most important economic and commercial centers in Tehran and Iran. Tehran’s historic bazaar is not only an economic and commercial center, but also the pulse of economic life in Tehran. The bazaar is located in the center of Tehran and in the district of old Tehran and has several rows and bazaars.

Although with the advent of passageways and large shopping malls in different parts of the capital, fewer people come to the market than before, but Tehran’s Grand Bazaar is still the center of large and large-scale transactions.

The bazaar has strong history and its origins date back to the Safavid era.

Today, many people including citizens of Tehran and businessmen, businessmen, traders and businessmen from different cities of Iran come to Tehran Grand Bazaar to buy the supplies they need.

Most of the traders in the market have been doing this for years, and the children of the old traders have replaced their fathers.

Here you will find everything from fabrics and curtains to candies and nuts and audio and video accessories in different market categories.