Vakil mosque


The Vakil Mosque or Soltani Mosque is a historical mosque related to the Zandieh period in Shiraz, which was built by order of Karim Khan Zand. This mosque is located west of the Vakil Bazaar and at the end of the row of swordsmen. The design of this mosque has two porches and it has two south and east naves.


The southern nave with twisted stone columns and spiral is one of the hallmarks of Iranian architecture and one of the scenic areas of this mosque, which has 48 twisted stone columns.

The area of ​​this nave is about 5,000 square meters and the pulpit with fourteen integrated marble steps is one of the beauties of the nave. It is said that this stone was brought to Shiraz of Maragheh by order of Karim Khan.

On the north side of the mosque, a long and important arch was built, known as the Pearl Arch. A chapter of the Koran is written around this ark.

This mosque is located in a social complex according to the texture of traditional Iranian architecture and has created a beautiful harmony between religion and the world. The tiles of the north and south courtyards and porches are also very beautiful and are in seven colors and mosaics.