Vakil Bath


The Vakil Bath was built during the Zandieh period by Karim Khan Zand. This bath is located on Lotfali Khan Zand Street in the center of Shiraz and near other buildings from the Zandieh period, such as Vakil Bazaar and Vakil Mosque.

One of the visible parts of this bath is a part called Shahneshin, which was special for the king. This building was built to the west of the Vakil Mosque. This large bathroom incorporates the most advanced architectural principles of its time.

The top of the bath is a regular octagon with eight solid stone columns in the middle of the domed roof. The bathroom is covered with paving, but it is interesting to note that under this paving, narrow corridors were created in which the hot air and water vapor were circulated so that the bathroom floor could be heated earlier.

To the south of the bath is a place with two large boilers to heat the water. Under the dome there are beautiful patterns whose stories originate from the religion, tradition, interests and dreams of the inhabitants of this land.