Shah Cheragh


Shah cheragh is the name of a mosque and a tomb in Shiraz where, according to the Shiites, Ahmad ibn Musa, the eldest son of Musa Kazem, as well as Muhammad ibn Musa, one of the brothers of Ali ibn Musa al- Reza, are buried. On his way to join his brother he went to Khorasan, but on the way he was killed by the residents of Ma’mun Khalifa Abbasi in Shiraz.

This tomb is located north of Ahmadi Street in Shiraz. The tomb of Seyyed Mir Mohammad, brother of Seyyed Mir Ahmad, is also located near Shah Cheragh, which is built in the style of Azeri architecture.

This building was constructed during the Atabakan period of Persia in the 6th century A.D. and its dome and courtyard have beautiful tiles. The interior of the sanctuary is decorated with small colored mirrors in an artistic style, and a variety of beautiful Persian and Arabic lines adorn the view around the mirrors and tiles. The courtyard of Shah Cheragh has two main entrances, which pass to the south and north of the shrine under two large tiled doors and enter the vast courtyard of the shrine. In the middle of the courtyard, a large fountain basin has been built and trees have been planted around the basin.

Due to the existence of this sacred shrine, Shiraz is the third holy city of Iran after Mashhad and Qom.