Sara-ye Moshir


Sarai Moshir, or Sarai Golshan is one of the ancient bazaars of Shiraz, which was built during the Qajar period. This market is located southeast of Vakil Bazaar and adjacent to its exit. Mushir Bazaar stretches from north to south. It is architecturally similar to the vakil market but smaller.

Its halls were dedicated to the exhibition of Persian crafts and local arts and became known as the “Art House. The porch building has a large wooden entrance, rubble floor and a large courtyard in the middle with orange trees and a large pond in the middle. This vestibule called Charsugh or Chaharsu. In the courtyard of Sarai Moshir on four sides, rooms on two floors have been arranged. Sarai Moshir is located in one of the most important tourist places of Shiraz towards Vakil Bazaar and has long been an important destination for domestic and foreign tourists due to its beautiful building and large warm courtyard located in the middle of this building. It is an important central place in the supply Handicrafts in Shiraz and even Fars Province In addition to selling handicrafts in this market, the units also produce handicrafts.