Narenjestan-Qavam's House


The house of Qavam or the Narenjestan garden of Qavam was the residence of the ruler of Shiraz during the Qajar period. This mansion was built and completed by several generations of the Qavam family. The name “Naranjestan” also comes from the orange trees in the courtyard of this mansion. Today, this place is at the disposal of the University of Shiraz.

Qavam House between 1969 and 1979 solar year used by the Asian Institute of Pahlavi University, under the supervision of Professor Arthur Opham Pope, a famous Iranologist. In recent years, the basement on the north side has been remodeled and used as a museum to house cultural objects donated by Professor Pope.

The head at the entrance has beautiful brick decorations. On the forehead at the entrance is an inscription in red marble containing verses from the Koran. The date above the head indicates the year 1305 AH, which coincides with the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar. Qavam Garden has buildings on three sides: north, east and south. The main garden mansion, located on the north side, has two floors and a basement below. The design of the main building and the two-column porch of the mansion are adapted from the common architectural style of the Zandieh period. In addition, other buildings from the Zandieh and Qajar period in the mansion from the Qajar period.


The grand porch of the mansion is the finest two-columned porch from the Qajar period in Shiraz in terms of various arts used.