Tekiyeh Moaven Al Molk


The confidence of the deputy minister is one of the beautiful and magnificent works that are remembered from the Qadjar period in Kermanshah.

During the Qajar period, several Tekiyeh were built in Kermanshah. Haj Seyed Tekiyeh in Haj Seyyed Alley is mentioned as the first or one of the first Tekiyeh in Kermanshah during the Qajar period.

At that time, it was used to organize religious rites and ceremonies and to resolve ethnic and nomadic differences.

A remarkable and exceptional asset of this building is its tiled floor. According to Kermanshah cultural heritage experts, the embossed and semi-embossed tiles with patterns from the myths and history of the world and Iran and very beautiful 100% natural colors used in this building are unique in the world.

The images engraved on the tiles include scenes from the battles of Muhammad, the battles of Ali, the events of Karbala, images of the ancient sultans of Iran, including the Achaemenid kings, and images of the one-of-a-kind Persepolis.