Great Shafi'i Mosque


Shafei Mosque is a Sunni mosque in Kermanshah, located in the order of Kermanshah Bazaar (Dark Bazaar).

This mosque leads to Javanshir Square on one side and the Dark Bazaar on the other, and was built by the Sunni people of Kermanshah on the site of the ancient shrine. The mosque has 1060 square meters of infrastructure. It is inspired by Islamic architecture and is built in the style of the mosques of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey.

The interior of the mosque houses nurseries for men and women, a library, spaces for breaking shoes, a water house, etc.

Today, prayers take place only in the new mosque building. The main structure of the mosque is made of metal. Its exterior is covered with white travertine.

The mosque consists of an ancient dome and a minaret and two simple minarets in gilded metal with a height of about 9 meters, located on the south side of the mosque.