Biston Historical and Cultural Site

(UNESCO World Heritage Site)


Bistoon Historical and Cultural Site is a historical and archaeological site related to various pre-Islamic, post-Islamic and prehistoric historical periods.

Bistoon Historical and Cultural Site is located at the foot of Bistoon Mountain in the town of Bistoon and next to the old road from Kermanshah to Hamedan.

So far, 28 of Biston’s monuments have been inscribed on the List of National Monuments of Iran, and 13 of Biston’s inscriptions have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Mount Biston was located on the side of an old, busy road, which was the passage of caravans as well as soldiers from the cities of Babylon and Baghdad to the mountains of Zagros and Ekbatan. This was one of the most important factors in capturing this region to show the power of the kings of Iran.

The name Biston comes from the word Baghistan meaning the place of Gods.

Bistun Inscription is the largest inscription in the world and the first known Iranian text of the Achaemenid dynasty (520 BC) engraved on the slopes of Mount Biston. Darius the Great shows the Mage over Gomatus and the rebel rebellion.

The main points of Biston’s inscription are as follows: Introduction of Darius in his own words Achaemenid dynasty How to restore the kingdom under the reign of the Achaemenids The death of Cambyses The revolt of Gaumata and his death in the fall of 522 BC Rebellion and revolt in many of the repression of many regions which refused to respect the following instructions. The victories of Darius in the nineteen battles.

The statue of Hercules is hewn in stone along the old road in the historic site of Biston. This statue was built during the Seleucid period.

Biston Palace is a ruined Sassanid palace located in the historical and cultural site of Biston. This unfinished Sassanid palace has been the subject of archaeological excavations since 1976. Archaeological excavations have been carried out six times so far. Archaeologists have obtained relatively good information during these six drilling seasons.