The 33pol (Bridge)


The 33pol or Allahvardikhan Bridge is a 33-span bridge, 295 meters long and 14 meters wide, which was built under the supervision of Allahvardikhan and with the architecture of Master Hossein Banna Esfahani over Zayandehrood in Isfahan during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid.

This bridge was used during ceremonies and celebrations. In the travel accounts of European tourists of the time; there have been references to this celebration being held. During this celebration, which took place on July 13 of each year, people participated in this ceremony by sprinkling water and rose water on each other.

 This bridge was built in 1528 in the twelfth year of Shah Abbas I’s reign by his minister named Allahvardikhan. This bridge is one of the masterpieces of architecture and bridge building in Iran and has unique beauty and grandeur.