Chehel Sotun Palace

(UNESCO World Heritage Site)


Isfahan Chehelstone Palace is one of the historical landmarks of Isfahan. The forty-column palace, covering an area of ​​67,000 square meters, began to be built during the reign of Shah Abbas I, and a mansion was built in the middle of it.

During the reign of Shah Abbas I, a palace was built in the middle of the garden, but a few years later a big fire broke out. During the reign of Shah Abbas II, the Hall of Mirrors was added to the palace and a balcony was built.

The central hall of the palace, which was dedicated to foreign guests and personalities from other countries, contains paintings that represent historical events from different periods.

This magnificent hall, which sits on a dome painted with colored rubber bands and gold and transparent patterns, is considered one of the masterpieces of art of this era.

The exterior of this palace consists of two parts: the first part, which is mirrored and is known as the hall of mirrors, and the other part, which includes beautifully decorated wooden columns with a ceiling.

Inside the palace there are rooms in the corners of the main hall where you can see beautiful paintings based on Persian stories.

Huge columns of halls with 20 columns and a mirror room, each of which is the trunk of a sycamore tree.