Ameri’s House


5- Star

Ameri’s House

Ameri’s Hous is one of the largest and most magnificent historical houses in Kashan, which started operating as a five-star hotel in June 2014 after the restoration and revival of the original design. This building dates back to the Zandieh era, so it has a unique architecture of that period. The distinctive feature of this historical house is the vastness of both courtyards, as well as the luxurious spaces and decorations of the house, as well as the tallest wind-tower among the houses of Kashan.

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  • International coffee shop and restaurant
  • Convenient shop
  • Wi-Fi

Distance to:

  • Kashan bus station 10.5Km
  • Fin Garden 9Km
  • Sialk Hills 6K
  • Kashan Bazaar 2Km